This web site is intended for the serious and casual researcher. Click on the Municipalities bar above and select the township or boro you want to look at. There you will find 18th and 19th century tax records, early censuses, cemeteries lists, town directories, maps etc. Then visit the Genealogical Resources link above where there are numerous books on Delaware County history from the 19th and early 20th century. Records are added regularly so please check back often. Most of what you see here and what will be added comes from the thirty-year accumulation of Delaware County Historical memorabilia amassed by Keith Lockhart.This web site has been made possible through the combined efforts of former Delaware County State Representative Ron Raymond, who obtained funding for the web site, and historian Keith Lockhart. Keith is a lifelong Ridley Township resident and a graduate of Penn State University. He has written numerous booklets on the history of the area and for many years penned a history column for Town talk. He has also shared his vast knowledge of local history through articles for both the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Daily Times Newspapers.  Through the dedication and hard work of numerous typists the transcription of the tax and census records took over two years of work to complete. My sincere gratitude goes out to these people. A special thanks to my wife, Mary Lockhart, Donna Greenbarg of Hatboro, Janice Daleandro of Morton, Ethel Dougherty of Norwood, Dawn Beck of Springfield. Keith Lockhart's collection contains many rare books and booklets on Delaware County Pa. History that are not available anywhere else. These booklets run the gamut from the Delaware County Society to Detect Horse Thieves in 1850 to Prospectus's for Delaware County Businesses . Contact Keith Lockhart today.

If you have never visited my Delco History blog above, PLEASE take a look! Includes pictures and info on the county.

Thanks Keith

   What is new on the site:

September 18, 2015- the Bethel tax rate for 1780 and the Edgmont window tax of 1798 have both been added. September 20, 2015- the Haverford tax rate for 1781 and the Concord tax rate for 1788 have both been added. September 24, 2015- the Upper Darby 1798 window tax has been added along with the 1786 Newtown tax rate.  October 1, 2015- the Radnor 1798 window tax has been added along with the Springfield tax from 1782. October 4, 2015-  the Upper and Lower Chichester Townships 1798 window tax has been added. October 7, 2015- the Springfield tax rate for 1789 has been added. October 17, 2015- the Chester tax rate for 1785 has been added to that page. October 19, 2015- I have been up dating many links on the site this weekend and eliminating some that are no longer on line. I'm also adding missing tax records for the 1780's over the past few months. The Concord Tax Rate for 1782 has been added. October 25, 2015- the Marple Tax Rate for 1784 has been added. November 2, 2015- the Springfield tax rate for 1785 has been added along with the 1782 tax rate for Nether Providence. November 6, 2015- the Lower Chichester Rate for 1784 has been added. November 9, 2015- the 1798 window tax for Tinicum Township has been added. November 11, 2015- the Springfield Twp. window tax fr 1798 has been added. November 17, 2015- the Upper Darby tax rate for 1785 has been added to that page. November 22, 2015- the Radnor tax rate for 1785 is now on that page. November 30, 2015- the 1782 Chester Tax Rate is now on that page plus a 1929 Chester City map.

New and Noteworthy Delaware County History Books and Dvds

    This link is to let everyone know what new books and booklets that are out, dealing with Delaware County history. If you would like to make people aware of any new books please let me know. 

 Several new books are out this month and deserve your attention ! First, Black Gold The African American Athlete at Media High School 1915-1966 and thru out Delaware County. The book is written by Jack Lemon, an athlete himself of Media High School. The book can be mail ordered. Click the book page above for more details. I read the book really liked it, lots of great stories and insights. The second book out is, The Killing of John Sharpless by Stephanie Hoover. The Sharpless Murder happened in late 1885, when Sharpless, a well known farmer was killed by a black man. A sensational trial followed, with corruption and mishandling of the investigation just part of the many problems of the case. It is a great read. The Arcadia Book on Bethel Twp. is out!! Written by Beth "Bethel" McCarrick with help from her daughter, Faith McCarrick-Diskin and everyone at the Bethel Township Preservation Society. PLEASE check out fellow, Class of 1969 Ridley Grad, Rich Pagano's new book, The Baron of Leiperville: The Life and Times of James F. Dougherty" look for it in local stores!


Delaware County Historical Events,Lectures, Meetings Etc.
The page as it states is to announce upcoming meetings, lectures and historical events throughout Delaware County. If your group is planning something special, or just a meeting, please pass the information on to me and it will be posted on this new page. E-mail

Delaware County Trolleys and Transportation

    Stan Bowman of Chester County was born and raised in Delaware County and began taking pictures of trolleys in his teens. In the past 50 odd years he has amassed the largest collection of trolley pictures and information around. Stan has been kind enough to share some of his pictures and information with my site and over the next month or so, maps, pictures and information will be added about all the trolley routes and companies that once operated in Delaware County.

Delaware County Mills

  A new mill page has been created, to go to it, click the link above. It features the 1826 mill survey, the report of the 1843 flood and a rare mill map for the entire county also from 1843. More will be added to this site in the next few months.

Delaware County Newspapers

This page has been opened for Delaware County Newspapers. The link for the Chester Times to search it, is now here. The good news after numerous scanning and experimenting the first year of the Morton Chronicle from 1880-1881 is now on the site and can be searched. More years will be added next week most from my personal collection. It has taken allot longer than I thought to do this but it will be well worth it. Take a look and let me know what you think.


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