Carter, Abraham
Born 2-9-1797 Died 11-20-1873
Son of Daniel & Martha Carter
Carter, Elinor
Died 2-10-1810 Age 65 years & 5 mos.
Wife of Edward J. Carter
Carter, Margaret
Born 6-22-1798 Died 1-12-1878
Wife of Gilead Carter
Collins, Henry
Died 11-29-1847 Age 75
Coppock, T. Maris
Keen, Margaret
Died 4-17-1815 Age 45
Keen, John Henry
Died 7-12-1812 Age 45
Native Devonshire, England
Smith, Peter Franklin
Died 11-27-1839 Age 5 Months 22 Days
Son of Peter & Elizabeth
Taylor, Ellenor
Died 1-6-1864 Age 67
Wife of Robert S. Taylor
Taylor, Robert
- - - -
Iron Grill Around Plot
Taylor, Robert S.
Died 1-9-1864 Age 84
Our Father
Ward, Eleanor
Born 6-30-1802 Died 3-11-1882
Wife of Elijah Ward
M. C.
G. C.
M. K.
M. J. H. K.

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