Joseph Bonsall Esq.
Job Harvey
Edmund Williams
Samuel Bunting
Enoch Elliott
George Wood
John Paschall
Thomas Pearson
William Horne
Moses Hibbard
Richard Lloyd
John Hallowell
Joseph Fordham
Isaac Pearson
Jacob Webber
John Elliott
David Davis
John Pearson
Benjamin Pearson
Obadiah Johnson
Jonathan Paschall
Solom Humpherys
William Parker
William Donaldson
John Rudolph
Everard Ellis
Edward Waldron
John Trapnell
Phoebe Blunston
Abel Lodge
Arthur Netsillis
Andrew Morton
Tobias Morton
Andrew Urian
Andrew Boon
Conrad Nethermark
Swan Boon
Ralph Lewis
Joseph Bethel
Peter Dale
David Smith
James Forrester
Robert Smith
Richard Wright
Gabriel Longacre
Jonathan Cox
Ambose Wilcox
Edward Donaldson
William Smith
Garwood Cunningham
Robert Jones
John Toners
Caleb Thomas
Joseph Page
Thomas Fisher
John Wood
Hasar Shaw
William Davis
Jeremiah OBrian

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