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Plate 45 Glenolden, Folcroft, Collingdale, Darby from 1928

Plate 46 Glenolden, Folcroft, Darby 1928

Plate 47 Darby, Folcroft 1928

Plate 63 Darby Twp.Tinicum, Folcroft, Norwood 1928

Part of Darby Twp. Folcroft and Sharon Hill 1929

Part of Darby Twp. Glenolden, Folcroft and Sharon Hill 1929

Part of Boros of Prospect Park, Norwood, Glenolden and Folcroft 1929

Census Records:
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Directory Records:
Folcroft Directory 1897
Folcroft Directory 1902

Tax Records:
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Folcroft Pa. Knowles Shallcross House c.1890
Folcroft Pa. Train Engine Taking on Water at Ashland Ave. c.1909
Folcroft Pa. 1700 Shallcross Ave. c.1930
Folcroft Pa. Delaware County Firemens Association c.1940
Folcroft Pa. Store at 430 Charmont Ave. c.1930

Folcroft Pa. Public School c.1960 Courtesy of Bob McCloy


The last three pictures above are from Jinnie McBride of Landesburg, Pa. Her Grandfather, Thomas James Mains, lived at 1700 Shallcross Ave. and ran the Fairlawn Food Market at 430 Charmont Ave. Mains was also President of Folcroft Boro Council from 1930 to 1931. Her Father, William S. Hamilton Jr., was a member of the Folcroft Fire Co. in the 1940's. If anyone has any information or memories they would like to share with Jinnie about her father and grandfather you can contact her at.

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