Samuel Armour
Robert Adair
John Allen
Joseph. Buffington
Mary Barty
Benjamin Black
Joseph Booth's Land
John Cobourn
Adam Clayton
John Crawford
William Crabb
Thomas Cobourn
John Cloud
Joseph Cobourn
Joseph Conn
Martin Carter
Richard Clayton
Joseph Clayton
John Cook
Thomas Casey
Hugh Conn
George Crouts
Frederick Derrick
John Druitt
Thomas Derrick
Joseph Dutton
Archibald Dick
Micah Dick
David Duncan
John Ford's Lott
John Flower
Hannah Flower
Thomas Flower
Eli. Flitek
George Grist
Joseph Gribble
Grubb's Land
Isaac Howell Est.
Mary Howell
William Henderson
William Henry
Isaac Harbay
David Johnston
Benj. Jones
Charles Lawrence
Samuel Lamplugh
Richard Lawrence
Richard Leonard
John Marshall
Robert Moulder
Mathew McLaughan
Benj. Moulder
Rich. Mosley
Moses Moore
William Moore
Patrick Moore
Daniel McCown
Richard Moore
William Norrey
John Price
John Power
Edward Pilkington
Thomas Phillips
Henry Pasmer
Rachel Pedrick
Thos. Robertson
Rowlin Burk
Francis Ruth
Richard Riley
Samuel Reynolds
Allin Robinette
Jos. Robineitte
Lydia Robenitte
James Rowan
Mary Rain
William Rawson
Jacob Richardson
Thomas Stroud
Luke Scanlin
D. Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney
Isaac Veneman
John Wall
John Wade
Jacob Worrall
John Reynolds
John McClure
John Grayhorn
Samuel Williams
Francis Reynolds
William Cobourn
Jacob Cobourn
William Cranston
John Smithil
William Flanes
Isaac Lawrence

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