Thomas Hall
30 Acres of Land (Marsh)
John Challoner
26 Acres of Land
2 Cattle 3 Horses
Joseph Carson
26 Acres of Land (Marsh)
William Craig Esq.
12 Acres of Land
Phineas Bond
24 Acres Marsh
William Bingham
233 Acres Marsh
11 Cattle
Nathan Davis
10 Acres Marsh
1 Horse

Nicholas Bickell

Sam Bickell

79 Acres Land
93 Cattle, 4 Horses
1 Servant
John Dunlap
80 Acres Marsh
Sam Dikel
66 Acres Land
2 Horses
Moses Kean
34 Acres of Land
1 Cow, 1 Horse
Caleb Bennett
10 Acres of Land
John Hibberd
8 Acres of Land
Abraham Kinsey
70 Acres of Marsh
William Kerlin
20 Acres of Marsh
Hugh Lloyd
47 Acres Marsh
1 Horse
Thomas Laycock
80 Acres Land
4 Horses, 3 Cattle
Edward Laskey
174 Acres of Land
75 Cattle
Samuel Lewis
15 Acres of Land
Isaac Lewis
5 Acres of Land
Joseph Harrison
56 Acres of Land
3 Cattle, 3 Horses
1 Servant
John Miller
7 Acres of Land
Philip Price
12 Acres Marsh

John Pearson Esq.

James Hunter

22 Acres Marsh
6 Horses
Proctor & Co.
130 Acres of Land
Hugh Queen
166 Acres of Land
4 Cattle, 3 Horses
2 Servants
Benjamin Rue
130 Acres Land
1 Cow, 1 Horse
1 Servant

John Chessman

Eli Wilson

72 Acres Marsh
10 Cattle, 4 Horses
2 Servants
Jacob Serrill
22 Acres of Land
3 Cattle, 3 Horses

John Taylor

Richard Britton

230 Acres of Land
3 Cattle, 3 Horses
Vandarons Estate
14 Acres Land
Casper Cox
1 Horse, 2 Cattle
Jacob Able
John Clark
Jacob Rone
John Torton
Andrew Vandike
1 Cow
Casper Kiles
Israel Elliot
James Fletcher
James Porter
Ezekial Britton
4 Horses, 3 Cattle
James Holms
Thomas Patton
James Weir
John Tomson
Arthur Silles
Adam Diehl
Edward McCaffrey

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