H. M. Alfred
Brunswick Avenue
James R. Booth
Burmont Avenue
Joseph Brown
Burmont Avenue
Mrs. Buckalew
Burmont Avenue
P. Casassa
Brighton Avenue
F. G. Clark
W. N. Clark, Sr.
Market & Marsh
Frank Carpenter
W. N. Clark, Jr.
F. F. Conahan
George Cummings
P. Curran
William Erkert
Charles E. Evans
John Evans, Sr.
John Evans, Jr.
James Farley
P. Ferry
Joseph Fielding, Sr.
Joseph Fielding, Jr.
John Fowler
George Gaul
Miss L. D. Gilbert
F. C. Gretz
Mrs. S. M. Griffith
Elmer Groves
W. P. Groves
A. Guerrero
Alice Haly
John P. Healy, Sr.
John P. Healy, Jr.
Patrick Healy
D. J. Hannum
Robert Hartley
H. H. Hasselman
Dr. B. A. Hilleman
George I. Hipple
H. G. Hipple
A. Hooptechler
J. E. Hughes
H. P. Idler
Charles Jackson
Herbert Jockson
L. Johnson
E. W. Knapp
Samuel Learer
John Leighton
Norman Leslie
N. S. Levis
Robert Linder
Thomas Lord
Robert McCoy
P. McGlinchsey
Mrs. McGrath
A. McKennon
Joseph McLaudy
William MacFeat
D. MacPhail
Jeremiah Mahoney
A. R. Matthews
G. Mooney
John Mooney
J. G. Mulligan
M. Muligan
William Munro
Rose Grower
Frank Nemeyer
Julius Nemeyer, Sr.
John Nespoli
George Newman
Louis Palmer
M. Pyott
George Reed
Robert Regester
E. Reese
E. Richardson
Charles Rieber
W. S. Robinson
E. Rumig
W. J. Scott
Charles Sharkey
H. J.Sheffle
J. W. Smith
F. H. Snape
W. K. Sutter
John Swearer
John Sweeney
J. Wilmer Talley
L. E. Talley
Fred Theurer
E. Thompson
George Thompson
James Verner
Aalst J. Von
H. B. Walker
H. Weiss
H. G. White
T. H. White
J. S. Wilgand
Charles Willis, Jr.
J. B. Worrell

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