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1870 Atlas
1875 Atlas
1882 Atlas of early Land Grants and Patents
Darby Boro 1882

c. 1890 part of Darby Boro

c. 1890 part of Darby Boro

Darby Boro 1892

1902 Atlas

Darby Boro 1909

Part of the Boros of Darby, Colwyn and Sharon Hill 1929

Part of the Boros of Darby, Collingdale and Sharon Hill 1929

Part of Yeadon and Darby Boros 1929


Census Records:
Darby 1790 U.S. Census
Darby Twp. & Boro 1800 U.S. Census

Cemetery Records:
Darby Friends Burial Ground

Directory Records:
Darby Directory 1870
Darby Directory 1872

Darby Colwyn Directory 1897

Darby Colwyn Directory 1902

Tax Records:
Darby Rate 1715
Darby Rate 1720

Darby Rate 1725

Darby Rate 1727
Darby Rate 1736
Darby Rate 1740
Darby Rate 1746 & 1747
Darby Rate 1748
Darby Rate 1749
Darby Rate 1751
Darby Rate 1754
Darby Rate 1756
Darby Rate 1758

Darby Rate 1759

Darby Rate 1760

Darby Rate


Books and Booklets:

Centennial Anniversary of Friend's Meeting House, Darby PA. 1905

One Hundreth Anniversary of the Odd Fellows 1919

The passing of oldDarby

Darby Friends Meeting History since 1905


Darby Pa. Baird Memorial Chapel c.1905 pc
Darby Pa. 900 Main St. c.1950 pc
Darby Pa. High School c.1905
Darby Pa. Free Library c.1905 pc

Newspaper Articles:

1 October 26, 1891 Darby Buttonwood Hotel license

2 August 5, 1892 Darby New Bank Building

3 July 11, 1899 Darby Old landmarks disappearing

4 July 13, 1900 Darby Summer Art School

5 January 30, 1902 Darby new Golf course

6 July 10, 1902 Darby Old Toll house torn down

7 December 15, 1905 Darby Postal History

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