In 1936, the Work projects Administration [W.P.A.] hired college students, etc. to do a historic site survey of Delaware County. The group used books, interviews etc. to gather information andinterviews to create the list. Some lists are long others are short. It was done by township only, not by boroughs. Boroughs were included in the township they once belonged in. Darby Boro for example would be under Darby Township. For some unknown reason no addresses were included even when they were available. All addresses were by feet and streets etc. First, I would like to thank Barbara Brenner who was nice enough to type the survey in word so it could be edited. I have updated the list by first including addresses and if the site is still standing, and photos ofthe site today. I have also titled searched many sites to correct mistakes the W.P.A. made. It hasbeen a long project. I'm indebted to Haverford Historian, Rich Kerr. Rich was kind enough to redo the Tinicum and Bethel W.P.A. Historic Site Surveys, correct mistakes and make themprofessional looking. What he can do in 5 minutes would take me 5 days!! Thanks Rich!

Tinicum Twp. W.P.A. 1936 Survey

Bethel Twp. W.P.A. 1936 Survey

Ridley Twp. W.P.A. 1936 Survey

Thornbury Twp. W.P.A. 1936 Survey

Upper Providence Twp. W.P.A. 1936 Survey

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